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The Autodesk software your organisation invests in Is crucial in enabling your business to be more efficient And your employees to be more productive. Your customers will expect their work to be carried out on licensed software And your stakeholders will expect that you are running your business with the highest ethical standards.

To get the most out of your organisation’s investment in Autodesk software and to preserve its full value, software must be well managed as any other company asset. Traditional asset management processes that are designed to deal with physical company assets such IT hardware, often fail to deal with the subtle complexities of software license agreements. Inadequate software and license management reduces the value, productivity and efficiency of the software. It can also lead to the installation and use of unauthorised software.

As part of Autodesk’s effort to help its customers stay compliant and retain the maximum value of its Autodesk software, your organisation has been selected to participate in our Autodesk Software Compliance Audit Program. Our Autodesk Software License Review Portal is designed to guide your organization through this process.

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