Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why has my company been selected by Autodesk for a Software Review?

As a customer of Autodesk, your company has been selected to undergo a Software Review. Every licensee of Autodesk Software may be selected by Autodesk for a Software Review, in accordance with applicable Autodesk license agreements.

What is a License and Services Agreement?

We generally provide our License and Services Agreements electronically within each software product as a "click through". Please refer to the particular software product and version for the applicable License and Services Agreements. Unless your company has another agreement directly with Autodesk that controls your use of Autodesk software products, the terms and conditions of the License and Services Agreement that accompanies the software product applies.

What is the Autodesk Inventory Advisor?

The Autodesk Inventory Advisor (AIA) is a standalone scan tool that is designed to be installed on a single computer running a workstation-class operating system and scan the systems on the network to collect Autodesk licensing data. It is an agent-less scan and no footprint is left on the endpoints. AIA uses Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to scan the Windows Registry and Autodesk Product Information Table on each system. You can target machines using IP address range(s), an import of computer names from Active Directory, or via a logon script using a command-line version of the tool. The scan is low impact and is designed to have little to no impact on your systems or network. AIA does not communicate with Autodesk servers and you are in control of the data until it is sent to Autodesk or its representative.

Does the AIA tool collect personal data from my PCs?

Autodesk Inventory Advisor only will capture Autodesk product-related information and machine IDs. If a company’s machine ID naming convention includes personal data, then such information will be captured. This information will be treated in accordance with the Autodesk Privacy Statement. If this is a concern for your company, we suggest that your naming convention be anonymized.

How do I install and run the Autodesk Inventory Advisor?

Please refer to the Autodesk Inventory Advisor Quick Start Guide to help you install and run the tool – you can find the guide here.

Can I ask someone else in my company to complete this Software Review?

Yes. If you are not the right contact for this activity – for example, you are not the person who is responsible for managing Autodesk Software in your company – please forward the request and registration code to the appropriate person. Also, if you are the correct contact, but prefer someone else in your company to perform the Software Review then please ask this person to perform the task.

How long will it take for Autodesk to inform me of the results after I upload the software inventory file?

Autodesk aims to provide the results of your Software Review within 3-5 business days. However, in peak periods there may be some delay. We thank you in advance for your patience.

How much of our company’s time need to be invested in this process?

There are 2 key components to the Autodesk Software Review Portal. The first part is a simple company profile section, which will take you a few minutes to complete. The second part is the actual software inventory using the Autodesk Inventory Advisor.

We have prepared a Guide with step-by-step instructions relating to deployment and implementation of the Autodesk Inventory Advisor. If the Guide is followed correctly, the process should require light investment of time. Difficulties generally arise if the guide is not followed. As a first line of support, please see the troubleshooting section of the Quick Start Guide.

Typically, Autodesk Inventory Advisor should take no longer than 45 minutes to install and finalize an initial inventory. Once the initial scan is complete, AIA does not continue to scan machines in the background. The user will need to manually run a scan once per day for the duration of the data capturing process. We recommend each scan be performed at different times of day to capture the highest percentage of PCs. Each scan will require just a few minutes to complete. The AIA database operates in an additive manner, each scan will be working only to locate and inventory machines that it has not seen during a previous scan. With this in mind and without unforeseen technical challenges, minimal time investment is required to complete scanning of your environment using Autodesk Inventory Advisor. Once you are satisfied that all the machines in the environment have been scanned, you may submit the inventory to Autodesk via the Portal.

What if compliance issues are identified during the Review process?

An Autodesk Software Management Representative will be in touch to discuss the matter and work together on a resolution.

Who do I contact at Autodesk if I have any questions about this Software Review?

The Portal has messaging functionality that allows you to ask questions and interact with the Autodesk Software Management team.

Short Glossary of Terms

Term Meaning
AD Active Directory. Microsoft technology to manage users and devices in your network. Used for finding users and workstations to scan during inventory.
AIA Autodesk Inventory Advisor. A free inventory tool that scans your entire network and reports back all the installed Autodesk software with correct serial numbers.
CSN Customer Specific Number. Your Autodesk customer code. You might have several CSNs for your company.
Environment Your current PC’s, printers and other network connected equipment.
Inventory Stock taking of your currently installed software on all your PC’s.
Software Review Report Effective Software Position. Any difference between your installed software and the software that you have registered with Autodesk.
Registration Report A report of all your registered Autodesk software.
Proof of Ownership Methods of providing proof of purchase of your Autodesk software. These include volume license agreement numbers, or purchase invoices, as examples.
SAM Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of tools and processes that help companies manage and keep track of the software they have licensed.
SCCM Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. SCCM is a Windows product that enables administrators to manage the deployment and security of devices and applications across an enterprise.