Inventory Management

We use the term Inventory to refer to part of the Autodesk Software Compliance Audit that relates to the actual collection of relevant data associated with Autodesk software deployed and installed in your IT environment.

The easiest way to get an up-to-date inventory of your estate (all of your machines) is to use the Autodesk Inventory Advisor tool (AIA). This is a professional scanning tool that only reports on Autodesk products. The AIA will automatically scan all the machines on your network, record all installed Autodesk software and produce a report (XML file) that we can use for your Compliance Audit.

In order to get started with this inventory process, please read the AIA Quick Start Guide and follow the steps carefully.

We also have an AIA Advanced Troubleshooting document should you need it

You will find the relevant links inside the portal to download and get access to the Autodesk Inventory Advisor (AIA).

The information fields that the AIA tool records for Autodesk software products are as follows:

Heading Description
PC Name Unique ID of the PC/Server/Device this application is installed on.
Application Name Application software name – e.g. "Autodesk Mechanical" Or "Maya".
Application Version Commonly known Version name - e.g. for AutoCAD 2015 the version Is "2015".
Serial Number Unique serial number of the Autodesk software, as reported by the Autodesk Inventory Advisor.
Installation Type (Standalone Or Network) Type of license used for this software – three options: stand-alone, multiseat stand-alone or network license

In order to classify the audit as complete, we expect the inventory to cover a minimum of 85% of the live nodes in your IT environment, if you have a number of retired machines in your Active Directory, please ensure you are clear on the number of live nodes we should expect to see successfully scanned in order to capture this percentage.

Once you have completed this inventory submit the XML file on the Upload Inventory page in the portal.

To learn more about how the portal works, please use the User Guide.

PDF Download User Guide